ActiveSky For P3D v5/P3D v4アナウンス

HiFi TechがActiveSky For P3D v5/P3D v4をアナウンスした。リリース日は未定となる。

主な特徴は下記の通りとなる。特にPrepar3DのEnhanced Atmospherics (ベータ)に対応しているのがインパクトが大きい。なおActiveSky CloudARTでは同機能を利用できないので注意が必要だ。

  • New Prepar3D v5 integration with all the standard functionality you’d expect from the ActiveSky weather engine
  • Works with both P3Dv5 and P3Dv4
  • Works in both standard mode and new “Enhanced Atmospherics (beta)” mode with P3Dv5 – See below for EA limitations
  • New P3D add-on specification design with all items installed outside of the P3D folders
  • New Universal XGauge design that works for all aircraft at any time without requiring panel additions
  • New networking design that eliminates the need for SimConnect configuration or use between clients and server – Just install ASP3D on the client, the included AS P3D Connector Installer on the server, make sure your networked shares are configured, and go
  • Includes ASCA integration for cloud and sky graphics enhancements with dynamic cloud and sky texture variation, now working fully outside the P3D folder using the new add-on specification design – ASCA works in default depiction mode and does not work with the Enhanced Atmospherics mode in P3Dv5
  • Major enhancements to the data network, weather synthesis, interpolation, and other core weather simulation and depiction technologies – now with much increased performance, stability and availability
  • Includes the most advanced version of our award-winning core weather engine and weather data services, being refined now for over 20 years

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