DCS: F-16C バイパー アーリーアクセスリリース

コンバットフライトシミュレーターDCS Worldのモジュール、DCS: F-16Cバイパーが、アーリーアクセスとしてリリースされました。

本モジュールでは、F-16C Block50モデルのシミュレーションを目指して開発が行われており、
このモデルから使用可能となった、JDAM、AGM-88C HARM 等の兵器についても、今後使用可能予定となっています。

フライトモデルはDCS Worldの中で最上位であるProfessional Flight Model (PFM)を採用、フライバイワイヤを含むFCSもシミュレーションされています。

また、現段階のモジュールは、オープンベータ版のDCS Worldでのみ利用可能です。

Current Early Access Features

As development starts, a plan is put into place on what the key features will be required to make an enjoyable product in an Early Access environment. Much thought is always put into what will allow the most gameplay with features still to come. Even development of the Hornet, and what was most popular as it developed, as an example, the targeting pod. Of course, this is all based on how the systems tie together in development, and sometimes that can push much-requested features further out, you can see this with IFF as an example.

  • F-110-GE-129 turbofan engine

  • AN/APG-68(V)5 multi-mode radar

  • AN/ALR-56M Radar Warning Receiver

  • CCIP (Common Configuration Implementation Program) update

  • ALE-47 countermeasure system

  • Color Multifunction Display (CMFD) symbology, Horizontal Situation Display (HSD) format, and Head-up Display (HUD) symbology

  • Digitally TACAN and Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI)

  • RWS, SAM, and ACM A/A radar modes

  • RWS, SAM, and STT air-to-air radar modes

  • BDU-33, GBU-10, GBU-12, Mk-82LDGP, Mk-82AIR, Mk-82SE, Mk-84LDGP, CBU-87 CEM, and CBU-97 SFW unguided bombs

  • 2.75” rockets

  • Helmet Mounted Cueing System (HMCS)

  • AIM-9L/M/P/X Sidewinder


  • M61A1 20mm cannon

  • Litening targeting pod

New developments for the Viper

  • TWS and other A/A radar modes

  • Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS)

  • Link 16 Data Link

  • Identify Friend or Foe (IFF)

  • A/G radar modes

  • AGM-65D/G/H/K Maverick

  • AGM-88C HARM

  • AN/ASQ-213 HARM Targeting System (HTS)

  • GBU-24A/B laser-guided bombs

  • BRU-57/A Smart Rack

  • CBU-103 CEM and CBU-105 SFW Inertially Aided Munitions (IAM)

  • GBU-31/A and GBU-38/B JDAM

  • AGM-154A and AGM-154B JSOW

  • Integration of the JHMCS with the HARM Targeting System (HTS), Link 16, and AIFF

  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

  • ALE-50 towed decoy

What to wait for next?

  • IFF

  • TWS

  • Programs for CMDS

  • Autopilot (HDG SEL and STRG SEL modes)

  • INS setup and DED page

  • FM/FLCS/engine tuning

  • AA and AG mode missing indication

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