Cityscape ホノルル for P3Dv4 リリース

ORBXがCityscape Honolulu for Prepar3D v4をリリースした


  • A complete Cityscape and Mini-Region covering Honolulu and the entire island of Oahu
  • Ultra-HD photorealistic depiction of Honolulu, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor and Pearl City
  • All eight Oahu airports have been upgraded from default to “region standard”
  • Mixture of photoreal and custom landclass textures for best balance
  • High-quality mesh, based on high-resolution LIDAR
  • Complete replacement of all geodata for Oahu for a much more detailed and accurate landscape; shorelines, lakes, road/rail, traffic etc.
  • 23,000 unique custom buildings with exact footprint and height data, combined with 90,000 custom-placed agn buildings
  • Over 60 high-detail POIs, most with complete PBR texturing
  • Detailed depiction of Pearl Harbor with all museums and relevant historical sites
  • Visit the USS Missouri, USS Bowfin and USS Arizona Memorial
  • Numerous helipad locations, including on custom US Navy ships in harbor.
  • Exceptionally detailed hand-placed vegetation using local flora types
  • All vertical obstructions on the island; wind turbines, antennae, power grid towers, chimneys
  • Stunning night lighting, including dynamic and 3D lighting for best visuals and performance
  • Exhaustively optimized for best performance using unique modelling and texturing techniques.
  • >1500 sq km of stunning tropical terrain

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