FS2CREW – PMDG 737 NGX REBOOTがsimMarketで販売開始

FS2CREWのPMDG 737 NGX REBOOTがsimMarketで販売開始された


  • Three brand new airline specific SOPs in one package.  Each SOP set (Standard Operating Procedure) was designed and tested by an active, real-world 737 pilot for maximum realism.   Note: Button control is limited to a single SOP.
  • Emergency NGX! functionality (a 24.95 EUR Value).  Emergency NGX! adds many non-normal (failures) scenarios from the Boeing 737 QRH to FS2Crew, such as engine failures and various other systems faults.  Works with Voice Control only.
  • Brand new ‘FMC’ style user interface.
  • Multiple configuration options.
  • Over 3500 new sound files!
  • An FS2Crew first – Single Engine Taxis!
  • FA interaction
  • Cabin announcements and Captain PAs
  • Works out of the box with FSPassengers with no panel.cfg edits required 
  • External ground/air cart handling
  • Multiple departure and approach configurations and profiles modelled
  • Turn-arounds/Thru-Flights


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