FSDreamTeam GSX メジャーアップデート





  • NEW: Custom Pushback improved, with visual customization in the editor, using two modes, Snap to AFCAD lines and Free mode.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Most objects remade in native P3D4 PBR format, with entirely new models and animations.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Towbarless Pushback models in PBR, with several color variations.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Towbarless Pushback can raise/lower the airplane gear during operations.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Marshaller characters, using native P3D4 SDK skeleton system, for better animation.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ with GSX Level 2 only): New Fuel Hydrant service vehicle.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Custom Camera system, to easily focus GSX objects activities.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Support for Attached Objects for better efficiency, performance and variety of characters.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Vehicle customization system remade, using DirectX-based logos, for much easier user customization and flexibility. The old PaintKit is now deprecated in P3D4.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Operator logos for Handling, Catering and Jetways can be easily customized with user-provided images.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Custom operator logo can be associated with several Base Color variations for most of the models, which are supplied in multiple base repaints.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Thanks to the new DirectX rendering system for logos, the number of installed repaints has been greatly reduced (7000 less than before), while the number of base color repaints has increased, allowing better customization flexibility and better performances in general.
  • NEW: All stock logo files have been moved in a single Texture folder under main installation root.
  • NEW: ICAO-related vehicle assignment rules have been moved from individual vehicle SIM.CFG files, to a centralized rules file, which can be user customized more easily, altering the assignment of GSX stock operators and customized operators as well.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): ULDs now have their own individual ID displayed.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Marshaller Distance readout now made in DirectX, for better performances, and can be set in Meters or Feet, depending on the simulator International settings.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Fuel Counter on Fuel Trucks readout made in DirectX, for better performances.
  • NEW (P3D4.4+ only): Custom cameras active when editing a parking or the airplane configuration, making it easier to move objects or customize doors precisely.
  • NEW: Added the following L: variables 3rd party add-ons can use:
  • Change: New Deicing strategy, querying both Simconnect Metar and Simconnect Temp variables, to prevent false icing condition detection due to conflicting data between the two.
  • Change (P3D4.4+ only): L: variables handled using the native P3D PDK, instead of the old Gauges SDK.
  • Change: Passengers “Hello” sounds are less frequent.
  • Change: Deice can choose Fluid concentration.
  • Change: Facility data not queried anymore while cruising, to prevent a simulator bug that result in crashing while flying over remote areas.
  • Change: Detect changes to the Scenery Library without requiring a restart.
  • Change: Custom steering system for PMDG airplanes, fixing the vibrating rudder problem.
  • Change: Renamed some Jetway folders to prevent SODE from skipping them.
  • Change: FMC Commander 30i supported on the Aft/Fwd Cargo Doors as well, to support planes with higher cargo doors, like the A330/340.
  • Change: Use of SODE 1.6.4 API, to better sync Jetway status with GSX.
  • Change: The “Waiting for other services to complete” message has been improved, indicating which service GSX is waiting for.
  • Bugfix: Fix Jetways sometimes being loaded twice on slow system and/or complex sceneries.
  • Bugfix: Fix an error in the Battery Charger if the airplane has a maximum voltage set to 0 in the aircraft.cfg
  • Bugfix: Fix an error in the UPS crew at KSDF.
  • Bugfix: Fix problems with Baggage loaders on the left and airplane doors on the right.
  • Bugfix: Saved Preferences in sceneries with custom menu options.


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