Prepar3D V4.5 ホットフィックス1 リリース

Prepar3D V4.5のホットフィックス1がリリースされました。



Prepar3D v4.5 Hotfix

Client Fixes and Improvements

      • Fixed performance issues seen on some systems and configurations.
      • Fixed issue where the interpolated wind direction value would be invalid in some cases.
      • Added configuration option to toggle UI hardware acceleration mode (UIHardwareAcceleration).
      • Fixed crash when re-enabling Virtual Reality (VR) while using the Oculus headset.
      • Fixed crash that could occur in some cases after a plugin removed its textures from the system.
      • Varjo eye tracking is now supported.
      • Improved performance when using the Varjo headset.
      • Fixed issue where CreateEffect callbacks would not be issued unless both xyz and pbh offsets were present.
      • CIGI ownship ID now set to 0 for versions prior to CIGI 4.0.
      • Fixed error with empty EntityAffiliation tags being written out in saved scenarios.
      • Fixed issue where sound volume could be incorrect when switching between interior and exterior views.
      • Fixed issue where PBR textures could be black in interior views when first entering a vehicle.
      • Fixed incorrect unit conversions for camera eyepoint altitude P variables.

Content Fixes and Improvements

      • Fixed missing PBR texture in F-16A.
      • Removed light scaling from beacon effects.

Scenery Fixes and Improvements

      • Increased beacon light visibility distance.

SDK Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed an issue where the PBRMaterial’s effectFile property would not be updated during load.
    • Fixed an issue where 3ds Max exports would throw material mismatch errors when P3DMaterial and PBRMaterial were being used in the same scene.
    • Fixed issue with drawing and loading Annotator vegetation polygons.
    • Fixed several minor errors in documentation.

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