Black Box Simulation エアバス バージョン0.90 予告

Black Box Simulationは、エアバス系列アドオン製品である、Airbus X-Treme “Prologue”、Airbus WideBody X-Treme “Prologue”の、バージョン0.90の予告を発表しました。



v0.9 Notes – Panel & Systems

+ Per Aircraft/Livery Setup from within Pre-flight Manager including: –

* Exterior Model config, Add or remove Satcom Dome
and other options
* EIS2 LCD or Original CRT cockpit option (Switchable)
* Analogue or I.S.I.S standby option
* ISIS pin programming (HDG , InHG and metric alt
options )
* MCDU OPC and AMI File settings for software and
airline policy options

+ Full ground up rewrite of MCDU & FMGS systems to Thales FMS2 Rev 1a including:-

* Independent operation MCDU 1, 2 & (3 Maintenance)
* Upgraded Nav Data base with support for overfly WP’s,
Transitions and Non-Precision Approaches
* Support for Pilot entered Runways, Waypoints and
* Basic AOC system with WX & W/B requests

+ Reworked MCDU & ND to GDI+ / Arinc Draw Code. Benefits to include:-

* Better Flight Plan Drawing
* Better Framerates
* Improved Scaling when undocked
* Support for external tablet display
(to be added in v0.95)

+ Improved Sounds for many switch and knob items taken from real world recordings

+ Save Load Panel States

+ Massive Internal code refactoring for improved performance and stability throughout

v0.9 Notes – Aircraft Variant Additions

+ Addition of the following “NEW” aircraft

• A320 NEO
• A321 NEO
• A321 NEO LR
• A330-800
• A330-900
• A340-200
• A340-500

ALL ABOVE to include Optional HUD in V0.95

v0.9 Notes – Flight Dynamics General

General tweaks and improvements to:-

• A320 Family Pitch stability
• A330 Family Landing performance
• Fuel burn / Range adjustments for NEO Series
• Additional Fuel for 321 LR
• General Tweaks where necessary

TIMESCALE and Release Estimate

As you can see above, there is a huge amount of coding and modelling In v0.90 and we apologize it’s taking us a lot longer than first estimated. We want to make sure that the promised Update is complete and thoroughly tested before release so it’s going to take a few more weeks until completion…
We will try and post further updates as possible but if we appear quiet then that’s a good thing as we are busy with all the updates listed above. I can most certainly promise that you will have this update well before the end of the year!

V0.90 will be our biggest Update so far and of course brings us a lot closer to V1.0 so please be patient, it will be worth it ..



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