QualityWings 787 Version 1.1.2 アップデート

QualityWingsは、Ultimate  787のバージョン 1.1.2 アップデートをリリースしました。





V1.1.2 changelog:
  • improved product stability
  • QW CONFIG: “SAVE CONFIG” fills up fuel tanks
  • QW CONFIG: some options do not get saved
  • QW CONFIG: some option can not be set / selected
  • PFD: straight in IAN approach (RNAV/VOR/NDB) are missing approach name, DME and Rwy info in upper left corner
  • PFD: LNAV/VNAV deviation indicators on the PFD remain frozen until RNAV Approach active
  • PFD: Minimum Maneuver Speed and stall speed bands move too fast when flap config changes
  • PFD: Missing yellow ground level marker on departure
  • ND: zoom level indication differences when VSD is enabled or not
  • ND: ANP shows 0.00 on full ND and 0.05 on half ND
  • EICAS: Oil temperature too low
  • EICAS: Engine vibration is too high
  • EICAS: N1 indication jumps up when passing 80kts during take off roll (RR only)
  • EFB Dispatch: complete remake
  • EFB Dispatch: Seat count on 787-9 incorrect
  • EFB OPT: take off performance calculation enhanced to provide optimal flap and derate settings
  • EFB: Brightness controls inop
  • FMS: VNAV initial climb speed does not command V2+15
  • FMS: improvements to lateral and vertical route depiction
  • FMS: improvements to lateral and vertical route tracking
  • FMS: VNAV Wind Forecast Page added
  • FMS: DIRECT TO will cause the T/D symbol to be off course on ND
  • FMS: After go around programming a new route is missing the first waypoint of the new route
  • SYSTEMS: Anti-Ice logic reworked
  • SYSTEMS – FUEL SYNOPTIC: Crossfeed valve logic issues
  • SYSTEMS: TOGA key assignment does not work
  • SYSTEMS: Fuel jettison does not work on 787-9 model
  • SYSTEMS: Engines stuck in full thrust after take off (noticed on RR)
  • SYSTEMS: EMER LIGHT EICAS message shows after loading a panelstate
  • SYSTEMS: Overspeed warning triggers prematurely when P3D settings are set to “true airspeed” instead of “indicated airspeed”
  • VISUALS: VC night lighting textures improved (RealLight)
  • VISUALS: VC material reflectivity improved
  • VISUALS: left RR engine reflectivity issues
  • VISUALS: top fuselage beacon splash on wings too bright
  • VISUALS: Vertex welding issue on APU Door. Causes dark shadow in corner of APU door
  • VISUALS: “Mirror” windows on exterior model
  • VISUALS: Some parts, such as the vertical fuse “joints” are inverted in the bump maps, causing these to look pushed into the fuselage.
  • VISUALS: Users are confused when STORM lights override all other light controls. Changed logic to initialize DOME light instead of STORM light when loading the plane at night
  • VISUALS: text night lighting does not work on TCP buttons (fixed in P3D only)
  • VISUALS: blurry MCP Text since V1.1.1 Hotfix
  • VISUALS: Landing Lights and Runway Turnoff Lights ON result in significant performance decrease
  • SOUNDS: HUD Declutter and AP Disconnect switches on Yoke are missing correct sounds
  • SOUNDS: ALT chime inhibited when approach mode is active
  • SOUNDS: Reverse thrust and gear retraction sounds improved
  • SOUNDS: New ground roll sounds and refinements to cockpit sounds in general
  • SOUNDS: AT Servo and Autobrake disengage sounds added
  • APPROACH CONFIG: Curve from origin drawn to first waypoint instead of DIRECT TO
  • APPROACH CONFIG: Hitting “SAVE CONFIG” when APP CONFIG page was open before, triggers APP repositioning
  • FLIGHT DYNAMICS: undesired stick shaker after rotation and general AoA improvements
  • FLIGHT DYNAMICS: excessive ground taxi thrust
  • FLIGHT DYNAMICS: climb performance adjusted
  • QW DISPATCHER: added options to enable HD gauges and RealLight (P3D only)
  • QW DISPATCHER: fuel planner adjustments
  • MISC: ATC Type designation changed to be variant specific (B788 / B789)

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