FSlabs A319-X for P3Dv4 リリース



今回のリリースでは、P3D v4.2以降にのみ対応しています。
インストール、動作には、A320-X for P3Dv4の、 バージョン2.0.1.261がインストールされている必要があります。

また、ベースモデルのA320-Xに対して、 バグフィクス対応が入ったバージョン2.0.1.261が公開されています。


– Ground-breaking custom aircraft icing model, with dynamic build-up of ice based on actual atmospheric conditions and authentic effects on aircraft and engine performance and dynamic visual effects – check the aircraft is free of contamination during your walkaround, and see ice building in real time when flying through icing conditions

– De- and anti-icing with realistic hold-over times, fully integrated with GSX de-icing equipment and unique de-icing fluid visual effects

– The most realistic rain effects seen to date. Utilising over 500 textures, you’ll see dynamic drops, trickles, rain and streaks that appear, disappear and change direction dependent on the aircraft’s speed, the rate of precipitation and aircraft systems

– Braking causes more trickles to run down the windscreen

– Dynamic windshield dirt simulation including bug splatter tuned to occur only in the correct atmospheric conditions, seasons and over land mass

– Dramatic St Elmo’s Fire simulation

The A319-X features A319-specific flight dynamics, engine performance models and handling characteristics developed in consultation with real airline pilots and using thousands of data points derived from hundreds of test flights in the real aircraft. Both the CFM56-5B7 and IAE V2524-A5 engine variants are faithfully reproduced, including each engine type’s unique performance characteristics. Each engine variant has its own sound set, utilising hundreds of recordings from the real aircraft and FSLabs’ unique 3D sound design techniques to provide a truly immersive and realistic sound experience from every angle, whether you’re in the cabin, on the flight deck or outside the aircraft.

Users of FSDreamTeam’s Ground Services X (GSX) will also benefit from close integration between the two products – you can see payload increasing or decreases in real time during boarding and deboarding, as well as real-time refuelling and de-icing operations.

On top of all that, the A319-X also includes:

– Custom ground friction models to simulate proper ground handling (single engine taxi).

– Brake models tuned to match real world performance in all weather environments

– Over 60,000 electrical components simulated and connected via simulated electrical and data driven networks.

– Every aircraft component within the Fuel, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems has been modelled, making the aircraft feel alive.

– Complete flight control system, featuring Normal Law, Alternate Law, Abnormal Attitude Law, Direct Law and Mechanical Backup. The Fly-By-Wire system faithfully represents the feeling of flying the real world aircraft


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