FLYTAMPAが、ボストン REBOOTED V.4をリリースした

今回はPrepar3D v4のみの対応となっている。主な特徴は下記の通り。

– Boston Logan International (KBOS) airport V4 Rebooted
– High Resolution 2k Terminal Textures
– 3D Tunnels, Bridges & Airport Island Coastlines
– Advanced Specular & Normal Mapping shaders used on Airport surfaces
– Dynamic Lighting & optional FX Lighting for slower systems
– Animated & Static Vehicles
– Animated Ramp People
– Stunning Wet Weather & Snow Effects
– Volumetric Grass
– Animated Jetways at all gates
– Optimized thoroughly with use of LODs
– Configuration tool to help customize your experience
– Compiled with latest Prepar3Dv4.2 SDK

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