FSLabs – A320Xアップデート予告




– Sanity checks for Prepar3D settings compatibility
– Crash when P3D water = ultra resolved
– Crash when VR menu was selected resolved
– Crash on P3D exit resolved
– Overall fluidity and stability improvements
– Overall performance improvements
– Elevation loader precaching logic added
– Solar library calculation improvements

Panel States
– ADIRUs save logic fixed
– FCU Alt Knob save logic fixed
– DU Knobs save logic fixed
– DU Dimmers default to ON
– Fix for states not loading correctly & various config changes
– Random Fuel loaded on panel state load for C&D/GPU/APU

– Total electrics loss on ground after landing resolved
– CFM spool rate increased
– Engine crank logic improvements
– Fixed Bug where engine fans stopped suddenly when engine start selected
– Start logic fix for when second engine fails to ignite
– Subtle FADEC logic fixes

– Flare mode logic improved
– Autoland decrab fix
– Protection against spd target 0 in EXP CLB with full flaps logic
– ATHR inhibition on ground after RTO until airborne
– Adjusted APPR/VIA listing for non-standard procedures

– EMER CANC button logic fix
– RCL button logic fix
– Fuel HI TEMP logicsheet fix
– Galley fan spurious error condition fix
– CKPT CTL ONLY logic tweak

– Damping added to roll channels to reduce aileron flutter
– Alternate & direct law logic tuning for green & yellow hyd loss (THS frozen)
– Manual pitch refinements

– Reactive wind shear fix for dual FAC detection

Virtual Cockpit
– Pedal Disc label text fixed
– Missing Rwy Turnoff OFF Overhead label added
– Several minor fixes

External Model
– NAV lights now visible at all appropriate angles
– CFM minor fixes
– Several minor fixes

Display units
– Display Unit synchronization logic improvements
– Race condition crash bug fix
– Performance / fluidity improvements

– G LOAD max 5 sec display fix
– LVR MCT message fixes

– Slip / beta transition smoothing
– Heading smoothing
– TRU reference fix

– Terrain radar loss fix
– Compass smoothing
– TRU reference fix

– Fix for value sometimes incorrect on landing

– Engine sounds improvements
– CFM engine sounds reworked
– Missing gear extend/retract and wind sounds added
– Further optimizations to sound infrastructure to improve performance
– ADIRU Mech Horn fix
– IAE Cruise rumble sounds added
– Added nose wheel scrub sounds for when nose gear is skidding
– PA on door arm logic fix
– No smoking sign sound volume increased
– Bump and rattle sound volumes improved
– Several minor fixes

– Alt sel knob pointer now lit
– Baro sel knob pointer now lit
– Fix for manual VS limit correction

2D Panels
– Missing Rwy Turnoff OFF Ovhd label added

– Fix for takeoff elevation when slewing updates
– CAB PR LO DIFF PR logic added
– Abort mode fix

Air Conditioning
– Several fixes for air conditioning logic
– Cargo heat temp sensor logic improved
– New feedback controllers on Ram Air Doors, BPV’s and TAV’s

– Logic improvements

Other Systems
– GND CTRL switch logic fix

– Door open/close on panel state load
– Fix in slide arm logic

Input controls
– Rudder trim key event support added

Dynamic Effects
– New Dynamic Effects including:
– Dynamic engine contrails that vary with atmosphere and time of day
– Dynamic engine spray effects in rain/snow linked to thrust
– Dynamic engine reverser spray effects linked to thrust reverse
– Dynamic engine intake vapour and water spout effects linked to thrust
– Dynamic engine heat haze effects linked to thrust and atmosphere
– Dynamic engine start up smoke linked to oil temperature
– Dynamic landing tyre smoke linked to landing rate
– Dynamic wheel tyre tracks in heavy rain / on grass
– Dynamic wheel spray effects on wet/snow runway
– Dynamic wing condensation effects in fog/cloud
– Dynamic engine strake vortex in fog/cloud
– Dynamic flap vorticies in fog/cloud
– Dynamic rain/snow effects added in Landing / Wing and Logo light beams
– Dynamic in-cloud effects which illuminate with landing lights. (Requires AS16 with ‘Cloud motion effects’)

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