RFSCENERYBUILDING – アンコーナ・ファルコナラ空港 リリース



  • Custom airport building
  • Custom platform and custom vehicles.
  • Custom lighting runway.
  • 3D light mast lighting and lights on taxiing.
  • Glass effect windows of buildings and airport vehicles
  • Pseudo shadows.
  • Large size landclass
  • Colors landclass made for the color gamut FTX ORBX GLOBAL World textures together FTX openLC Europe (basic installation)
  • Optional : file adaptation landclass without the use of “ORBX FTX Global openLC Europe”
  • Optional : Dynamic reflection glasses the main terminal in P3Dv3,P3Dv4
  • Optional : Dynamic lighting for P3Dv4
  • Road traffic.
  • Change of season – automatic
  • correct work of the scenery with the “TABURET-ITALY 19M MESH”
  • Ground textures in scenery – 2048
  • Version for FSX/P3Dv3/P3Dv4

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