BLUE SKY STAR – FSLABS A320 CFM エンジン・サウンド リリース

Antonio Gomez / Snecma / Safran

BLUE SKY STARが、FSLABS A320 CFM エンジン・サウンドをリリースした


  • CFM56 recorded from real A320 inside and outside, cockpit and cabin 360 degrees with professional recording hardware.
  • Pitch and volume data from real CFM56
  • Cabin sounds differ from aft or front of aircraft
  • Fans and core/compressor sounds are separate and modeled to work as in real aircraft
  • High and Low Spool sounds
  • Ground effect for engine thrust
  • External 360 degrees engine sounds with respect to all it’s music
  • Simulated air noise on spool up
  • Reverse sound
  • Changed packs external volume to match real A320 pack volumes
  • More pronounced compressor vibrassion/bass during throttle down
  • Realistic volume for cockpit engine start/shutdown More realistic spoilers volume
  • Correct wind sound for cockpit and cabin
  • Gear up and down sounds enhanced with gear doors closing thud sound
  • Changed APU sound and volume is corrected
  • Real chime sounds, boarding, people talking during boarding inside cabin and inflight
  • More pronounced hydraulic sounds Internal startup/shutdown cabin, cockpit and external 360 degrees
  • PTU custom real sounds
  • Does not change the original FSLabs code

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