Prepar3D v4.0 Hotfix1 (リリース



Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed an issue in VR views that prevented dynamic lighting in the right eye
    • Fixed memory leak related to external views and vehicle textures
    • Fixed performance impact when entering and then exiting VR
    • Fixed text label size mismatches in VR
    • Fixed the F-16 speedbrakes
    • Corrected an issue where a scenario saved from the startup screen would not be loaded after a reset
    • Preventing vehicle sounds from playing during load
    • Fixed a crash on startup due to controllers using bad port and hub values
    • Added an unobtrusive watermark for developer licenses
    • Fix for a crash when using index 0 with playload stations
    • Fix for ICAO entries in the Logbook
    • Corrected the clickable mouse area of the RadarGauge
    • Added the Delete Scenario button back to the Scenario user interface
    • Fixed effect texture orientations being flipped (e.g. coastline waves)
    • Fixed the Graphics Profile Name not syncing with the correct saved graphics settings
    • Fixed issue related to the flag SIMCONNECT_CLIENT_DATA_PERIOD_ON_SET not working with SimConnect_RequestClientData
    • Corrected issues with autogen Annotator building selection that would result in missed or incorrect selections
    • Interface windows will no longer move behind main window when losing focus
    • Fixed Logbook issue that was preventing logging start/end points
    • Corrected various issues with the Flight Instructor user interface
    • Added pitch, bank, heading to the GPS broadcast capabilities for electronic flight bags
    • Updated various XML configuration file encodings
    • Corrected a commands binding error with the Steering Set key
    • Fixed null terminating string issue when using RequestDataOnSimObject with ATC strings
    • Fixed issue preventing the vehicle preview screen from rendering in the New Scenario window
    • Changed the default textbox to ICAO for the Select Airport user interface
    • Fixed multiplayer crash when using Direct IP connections
    • Fixed errant river feature in ocean QMID 50,31 (West Africa)
    • No longer instantiating radios if they are not configured for an object
    • Fixed an issue where the vehicle preview window would not render in certain views
    • Fixed an issue where View Group selection would be out of sync with the context menu
    • Fixed an issue where undocking views would not immediately be processed
    • Fixed unicode issues with Traffic Toolbox
    • Fixed an issue where second UV channels were not correctly being exported to .X files
    • Fixed scenery.cfg encoding issue after leaving the Scenery Library view
    • Fixed an issue where SimConnect applications were receiving the wrong event id
    • Fixed an issue regarding minimum temperature in the Advanced Weather view
    • Fixed an issue where the Scenery Library was not reporting all errors
    • The Select Airport view’s ICAO search box is now above other search boxes
    • Minor layout updates to the Select Airport screen
    • Content error reports will now have more detailed XML parse error messages
    • Fixed a crash in the Shp2Vec tool when compiling polygons with less than three points
    • Fixed an issue where malformed DLL.xml and EXE.xml files would cause Add-on DLL and EXE to fail to load
    • Fixed an issue where multiplayer settings were not correctly assigned when using the Direct Connect method
    • Added reverse thrust axis events
    • Fixed issues with certain locale settings
    • Fixed incorrect locations of certain buildings and bridges in Instanbul
    • Traffic settings now save again in Graphics Profiles
    • Added exception handling for error that would occur when certain audio codecs were installed
    • Fixed crash that could occur when making modifications to the Scenery Library with add-on scenery
    • Fixed issue that caused stars to draw in the incorrect order
    • Added Show Only Favorites button back to Vehicle Select Screen

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