IL-2 Sturmovik “Battle of Kuban”アナウンス


IL-2 Sturmovik “Battle of Kuban”の開発がアナウンスされた


Flyable Aircraft and Content:

– Bf-109 G-4

– Fw-190 A-5

– Bf-110 G-2

– He-111 H-16

– Yak-7b

– P-39L-1

– IL-2 mod.43 UBT

– A-20B

– Hs-129 B-2 (Collector)

– Spitfire Mk.VВ (Collector)

– Kuban map 300x400km (Seaport, Towns, Mountains, Sea, Prairies, Large Forests, Part of Crimea)

– Warships (Destroyer, Cargo ships, Submarines, Torpedo boats, Landing Barge)

– Some New Ground Units


Technology and Features:

– DX11

– VR (with existing GUI)

– New Career for Kuban, Moscow, Stalingrad (ROF-like)

– Scripted Campaign game mode with first Campaign of 15 missions. Community can add their own scripted Campaigns later.

– CO-OP Multiplayer Game Mode (ROF-like to start)

– Air Marshall and Field Marshall modes for MP. (i.e. HQ-ATC-GCI type screen to manage a battle with realistic limited info)

– In-Game Model-Viewer (tool for skin makers)

– Mods On/Off Mode (As open as possible including sounds and textures)

– Support for Tacview

– Rear View Mirrors

– Re-vamped Triple Monitor Support

– External Gauges API for app makers

– Ability for Players to Import Vehicles and Objects (Like ROF)

– SDK for Vehicles, Buildings, Boats and other Objects

– Custom Graphics Settings Options


Other Improvements:

– As much of Daniel’s DD120 (As time and budgets allow)

– Adjustable Cloud Heights

– Flight Model Optimization for AI planes (More AI planes in missions)

– Planes with larger wheels are less stuck in rough terrain

– Support for Larger Textures (Assuming tests prove possible)

– Sound/Graphics FX (Object linked hits and sounds)

– Sharper Shadows

– Haze Improvements (Possibly if research results are good)

– New Tracers (Possibly if research results are good)

– Oil Leak Texture Layer (Possibly if research results are good)

– Liquid effects on Canopies (Possibly if research results are good)

– Torpedoes

– Key/Axis Mapping Dialog Re-design

– PWCG custom button in GUI (Similar to ROF)

– Crew Position Hotkeys

– HEAT projectile

– Multiple Bomblets

– Cavity bursting charge AP projectile

– TrackIR seen as separate device by game

– Misfires when gun overheated

– Blown engine if something going wrong with it

– Trimmers on axis

– Cargo Drops and Paratroopers for Ju-52

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