ORBX FTX Vector Ver 1.40リリース


ORBXのFTX Vector Ver 1.40がリリースされた。


Version 1.40

  • New option in config tool to disable FTX AU
  • Removed a street from a runway (KSEA)
  • Fixed corrupt watermasses at N59.02 E37.68
  • Fixed bridges at N55.99 W3.41
  • Fixed coastline issues at TNCM
  • Added missing highway connection at N45.39 W63.32
  • Fixed a sunken river at N40.84 W77.82
  • Fixed incorrect coastline under runway (PAOT)
  • Fixed bridges at N36.01 W114.74
  • Removed streets moving through airport area at N52.29 E004.74
  • Added missing island (Middleton Island) in Alaska
  • Fixed KSLE which was partly under water
  • Fixed KMDT which was partly under water
  • Fixed a few broken bridges aroun Huntigton (USA)
  • Added Meighs Parks (USA)
  • Fixed incomplete Nile river
  • Added missing beaches south of LAX
  • Added missing reservoirs in Spain at N42.60 W001.12
  • Added missing lake at N50.52 E12.58
  • Added missing lake at N53.68 E10.75
  • Added various missing reservoirs in Europe
  • Fixed numerous airports (or coastlines) to better fit the coastline (or airport layout)
  • Added missing islands at the great lakes
  • Added missing harbour at the great lakes
  • Fixed some anomalies at the great lakes
  • Removed streets crossing runways/taxiways at EHAM

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