AEROSOFT- ヘルシンキ・メトロポリタン VFR X-PLANE


AEROSOFTのヘルシンキ・メトロポリタン VFR X-PLANEがリリースされた。



  • More than 4000 square kilometres (1544 square miles) of detailed scenery
  • 50cm/pixel resolution in the main area, 1m/pixel resolution in surrounding areas
  • Decals added to the whole scenery (will give you detailed terrain all the way to the ground).
  • Hundreds of custom built objects placed accurately on the orthophoto
  • Extremely detailed forests, over 10 forest files used to accurately represent the forests of the scenery. The forests cover the whole scenery and match closely the underlying orthophoto.
  • Custom built HDR-night lighting for the whole area. Night flying has never been so realistic!
  • Custom built traffic. Cars follow the roads in the scenery using realistic speeds
  • Two custom built airfields
    • Nemmela – EFNU
    • Mäntsälä  – EFMN
  • Helipad Meilahti main hospital – EFHY
  • Three enhanced default airports, where the objects match the underlying orthophoto (Helsinki Vantaa – EFHK, Helsinki Malmi – EFHF and Hyvinkää – EFHV).
  • Custom built OSM-facades for the whole area. Southern Finland has very good OSM-coverage, so the scenery is filled with buildings
  • Manual edited shorelines for very realistic coastlines
  • Beautiful summer textures for most part of the scenery´
  • Winter textures will be available later as a free download
  • Later updates will add even more custom objects to the scenery
  • Many optimizations for better framerate

162511_Car_A36_Bonanza_v10_14 162514_Car_A36_Bonanza_v10_24 162515_Car_A36_Bonanza_v10_26 162526_Car_CT206H_14

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