FS2CREW – PMDG 777 EDITION v2.0リリース

140241_777_box_largeFS2CREW – PMDG 777 EDITION v2.0がリリースされた。

既にPMDG 777 EDITIONを所有している場合は、simMarketからアップデート通知が来ているはずだ。

今回のリリースに合わせて、”First Officer Global Voice Set”がオプション製品としてリリースされているが、利用にあたってはv2.0が必要となる。


  • Audio system updated.  In the past, some users with 7.1 Surround Systems may have experienced difficultly with certain sound channels.  This issue should now be resolved.
  • Touch and Go functionality.  Please see the ‘Procedures’ section in the manual for further info.
  • Removed key command (Water Rudder Toggle) that could be used to open the Brief Panel to avoid a conflict with RAAS, since RAAS now uses that key command.
  • FO will no longer set the Seatbelts to AUTO at 10,000 in case of turbulence.  Releasing the Cabin Crew and Cabin is now your responsibility.
  • The PDF manual has been updated to V2.0.
  • FO will now turn off the Center Fuel pumps in cruise as necessary.


  • Start Engine One Cross Bleed Start
  • Start Left Engine Cross Bleed Start
  • Start Engine Two Cross Bleed Start
  • Start Right Engine Cross Bleed Start
  • Auxiliary Fuel Pump Off
  • Set Takeoff Thrust


  • Heading XXX
  • Speed XXX
  • Altitude XXX
  • Flight Level XXX

*You would make these calls when you manually set associated MCP value as part of good CRM.

  • Two Hundred (This is the Emirates version of “Alert Height”.
  • Alert Height


  • ASDEX bug during Before Start Flow
  • Set Heading “360” fixed.


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