Active Sky Next SP5リリース


HiFi Simulation TechnologiesのActive Sky Next SP5がリリースされた。



ASN Service Pack 5 Changelog:

  • Made low clouds in grid based interpolation respect the dewspread and avoid randomization (gives more consistent results)
  • Adjustments to option text/description and revision/readme updates to match
  • Added handling for mismatched UFT-8 single-character flight plan degrees symbol preventing some flight plans from loading
  • API improvements, fixes and additions (see ASN_API.PDF)
  • Added copying activeflightplanwx.txt to common export path for better integration capability
  • Adjusted ASN/ASConnect comms to prevent cases of intermittent “cannot control ambients” errors in some cases
  • Visibility handling improvements for P3D v3.2+
  • Compatibility adjustments for P3D v3.3.3
  • Compatibility adjustments for P3D v3.3.5
  • New P3D-based user option: Multiple visibility layers – This option enables maximum visibility restriction in P3D 3.2 with volumetric fog enabled, but also can reduce performance. With this option disabled, the Maximum Upper Visibility will have no effect with volumetric fog enabled in P3D
  • P3D v3.2 new visibility depiction handling adjustments

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