Active Sky 16 and Cloud Art 発表


HiFi Simulation Technologiesは、新製品、Active Sky 16と、Active Sky Cloud ArtをFlightSimCon 2016で発表しました。

Active Sky 16は、新たなる天候シミュレーションエンジンとなります。
Active Sky Cloud Artは、AS16と統合し、更にビジュアル面を大幅に強化したアドオンとなります。

Active Sky 16:

  • New Map System – Vector background options and overlays

Active Sky Cloud Art:

  • Full Integration with AS16 – ASCA has several game-changing features and fully integrates with AS16 for the ultimate in weather + visuals.
  • Real Time Dynamic Texture Loading – No need to shut down the sim. Clouds and sky can change instantly or smoothly and fully weather-influenced as desired in real time for the ultimate in variation and realism.
  • Weather Scenarios System – Challenge yourself with several scenarios including a microburst encounter, gusting winds, wake turbulence and more.
  • X Gauge Weather Plus – Enhanced weather gauge with included realistic airborne radar mode.
  • New 3D Cloud Structures – Over 100 new cloud models for all varieties and types of clouds are included.
  • New Cloud and Sky Textures – High Definition photo-realistic cloud and sky imagery, processed and tuned for maximum realism.
  • Set it and forget it – Choose a dynamic theme, activate it, and let AS16 + ASCA do the rest.
  • In-Cloud Motion Effects – Feel the speed of motion while flying through clouds.
  • New P3D 3.X visibility smoothing and volumetric fog integration – Finally, smooth and realistic visibility depiction for P3D is here.
  • Navigraph data integration – Navaids and fixes now provided by Navigraph.
  • WX Companion app – Use any device to interact with AS16, Control the weather and more.

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