Active Sky Next Service Pack 5 オープンベータ


Active Sky Next SP5のオープンベータが公開されました。


ASN Service Pack 5:
– Made low clouds in grid based interpolation respect the dewspread and avoid randomization (gives more consistent results)
– Adjustments to option text/description and revision/readme updates to match
– Added handling for mismatched UFT-8 single-character flight plan degrees symbol preventing some flight plans from loading
– API improvements, fixes and additions (see ASN_API.PDF)
– Added copying activeflightplanwx.txt to common export path for better integration capability
– Adjusted ASN/ASConnect comms to prevent cases of intermittent “cannot control ambients” errors in some cases
– [ASN for P3D] Visibility handling improvements for P3D v3.2

なお、Active Sky Nextは、simMarketにて6月13日までセール中です。

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