DCS: F-5E Tiger II アーリーアクセス

コンバットフライトシミュレーター、DCS Worldの新モジュール、DCS: F-5E Tiger IIの事前オーダー、及びアーリーアクセスが開始されました。




  • Professional Flight Model that accurately mimics the performance and flight characteristics of this legendary fighter
  • Highly detailed, six-degrees-of-freedom (6 DOF) cockpit
  • Interact with cockpit controls with your mouse
  • Fully modelled weapon system
  • Accurate F-5E model with multiple country markings
  • Detailed modelling of the F-5E instruments, engine, radios, fuel, electrical, and hydraulic systems
  • Single missions and full set of training missions will be created while in Early Access
  • Full and Quick Start manuals in Russian and English languages
  • Extended Campaign for the F-5E by Maple Flags Missions Developer (not included in the module package)


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