Aerosoft Værøy X プレビュー


エアロソフトは、開発中のシーナリー、Værøy Xのプレビューをフォーラムに投稿しました。

Værøy Airport (ENVY)は、ノルウェー北部の島にある空港です。


  • Highly realistic recreation of Værøy Island.
  • Photo scenery covering the whole island with seasonal variation.
  • Custom 30 terrain model, including sloped runway on Værøy Airport.
  • Realistic recreation of Værøy Airport as it was before it’s closure.
  • Fully custom approach, runway and PLASI lights.
  • High detail runway and taxiway textures utilizing specular and normal mapping. Realistic night time effects, including streetlights.
  • Custom windsock and flag animations.
  • Interior models for both the airport and heliport terminals
  • Custom models for the city and harbour buildings.
  • Aurora Borealis effect.
  • Configuration Tool included for optimal performance on a wide range of systems. Multiple animations including road traffic, flags, windsocks.


ENVY_09.jpg.49bb0354908b8501575518de69672759 ENVY_11.jpg.3d88c51a7b658ecc34bf13db36f843a2 ENVY_10.jpg.15e22bea3d260953fcfa43742d9a554c ENVY_06.jpg.7b8a900bb9b53151e7900bc9c28920ab ENVY_07.jpg.e5a3ee369deb741204f14302536a1794

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