AEROSOFT – Pisa Tuscany X


AEROSOFTのPisa Tuscany Xのプレビューが公開された。




  • Pisa International Airport, with it’s huge military section
  • The City of Pisa’s buildings
  • The Leaning Tower, Cathedral, Stadium and more
  • Photo Real ground imagery covering Pisa region
  • 2K textures (1K optional)
  • ‘Baked’ ambient occlusion on ground, buildings and objects
  • Internally modeled airport tower and terminal
  • Static GA- and Military aircraft (Optional)
  • Military and civil airport vehicles/machinery corresponding to real world
  • (…) more features to be mentioned
  • FSX &P3Dv3

PisaX_p3d_scrn02.png.b7621ceee73fd9d542084b0f7f3f1351 PisaX_p3d_scrn03.png.358ad6d3a4e2f581dd4c7811a26146a6 PisaX_scrn01.png.cca29c93021bebc82554114c4bac8250 PisaX_scrn02.png.419a34861a9c5ea1eced358fa25d03a1 PisaX_scrn03.png.e0028739a36f2566d4d1a187219430be PisaX_scrn04.png.9eb1ce3ed71f927ab9a21b5b678422ef PisaX_scrn05.png.01021a1b06a6dc8dac5816544a32be25 PisaX_scrn06.png.4fef083a6bea732596ed6bcfb0692d39

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