RealismShaderPack v1.1


Predrag Drobac氏作成のPrepar3D V3.2専用ツール、RealismShaderPackが公開されました。



– Easy backup and restore function for each shader
– Smart preview of selected shader tweaks
– Customisable terrain brightness
– Customisable terrain/clouds shadow intensity
– Rayliegh scattering (realistic haze), no fps hit
– Autogen is now properly lit in the shade (new in v1.1)
– Darker clouds at dawn/dusk/night (new in v1.1)
– More precise and defined clouds shadows.
– Clouds shadows are now present during the moonlight (new in v1.1)
– Alternative popcorn clouds fix with no fps hit (new in v1.1)
– HDR tweak for more contrast

このツールは、P3D V3.2専用で、3.1以前のバージョンにはインストール出来ませんので注意しましょう。

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