AEROSOFT – NavDataPro Charts プレビュー


AEROSOFT – NavDataPro Charts プレビューが公開された。

NavDataPro ChartsのiOS版での機能は、下記の通りとなる。

  • Search filter and display all LIDO Airport Charts (by ICAO/IATA/AIRPORT NAME/CITY/COUNTRY)
  • Search and display all LIDO Enroute Charts including Overview
  • Interactive map, that display included airports with METAR information and other information like elevation and runway lenght
  • VATSIM ATC display on the interactive map, you can see the current online VATSIM Network ATCs including there frequency and more information
  • Favorite mode, add any airport to your favorite and have quick access to these, including display there charts, airport information and METAR datas
  • Kneeboard mode, add unlimited charts for your next flight into the stack view and browse them without switching the menu, draw/annotate with a simple fingerprint
  • Chart Display View include, preview of other charts from the current airport with fast chart switching, Quick “Add to Kneeboard” button
  • ChartAirServer to display the Chart you currently view on your iOS Device on your (via Wifi connected) Computer by simply open it in the browser
  • Contact the support right from the application once you run into problems

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