Accu-Sim 3_30_16 リリース


A2A SimulationsのAccu-Sim 3_30_16がリリースされた

– B377 “Stratocruiser” (original release)
– B377 “Captain of the Ship”
– Piper J3 “Cub”
– P-47 “Razorback”
– B-17 “Flying Fortress”
– Supermarine “Spitfire”
– P-40 “Warhawk”
– P-51 “Military” Mustang
– P-51 “Civilian” Mustang
– C172 “Trainer”
– Piper Cherokee “180”
– C182 “Skylane”
– Piper ‘Comanche” 250



  • 3/29/2015 – 3/30/2015 CHANGES:
    – Final adjustment on FSUIPC related engine quitting bug
  • 3/27/2015 – 3/29/2015 CHANGES:
    – Initial fix for engine quitting bug affecting some FSUIPC users (placed a filter to ignore corrupt data from mixture lever axis for some FSUIPC users)
    – Fixed trim bug
    – Added aerial antenna
    – Static height adjusted for aircraft load
    – UV mapping adjustments on Heidi
    – Added input configurator support for older Windows XP versions
    – Input configurator shortcut fixes for P3D V.2.5
  • 10/05/2015 – 3/27/2015 CHANGES:
    WARBIRDS (Spitfire, P-51’s, P-40):
    New vibration and engine torque physics systems
    New air and fuel delivery systems
    Additional landing gear system feedback
    Engine state is active / persistent between flights
    Updated generator / alternator systems
    Updated wind over airframe sound physics
    Supercharger condition has additional effects on boost
    Worn brakes tuned (pulling)
    Fixed minor vertical speed indicator bug
    CAT gauges don’t require electricity

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