Majestic Q400 PRO 1.018c パッチ


Majestic Software Q400 PRO Editionの1.018cパッチがリリースされました

本パッチから、Prepar3D V3.2に正式に対応します。
(なおこのパッチからは、Prepar3D V3.0、V3.1がサポート外となるので注意しましょう)

パッチは、公式サイトのサポートのUSER AREAからダウンロードできます。


+++++++++NOTAM 20161603++++++++
+++++PREPAR3D v3.2 PATCH++++++
Captains & First Officers :-
The long awaited Prepar3D v3.2 patch has officially been released. We think that most of your will find this update to be an improvement over the beta that has been in circulation for a few months. As always if you are experiencing issues please :- POST THEM ON THE MAJESTIC SOFTWARE FORUMS:-
The Patch can be downloaded from the USER AREA of you account on the Majestic Software Support Forum, and follow the included instructions.
1.018c patch for MJC8 Q400 PRO edition. Issue 15.03.2016
Installed MJC8 Q400 PRO edition version 1.018 (with or without 1.018b1 or b2 patch)
+Installation instructions
Copy the entire folder structure from “FSX_Prepar3Dv2.5” or from “Prepar3Dv3.2” folder into the mjc8q400 folder, overwriting the existing files
+ Changes since version 1.018
+ docs: fixed randomEngineFailureOnV1.mgs script
+ docs: fixed the system description manual XFILL section, new Define Waypoint sections
+ cpan: Fixed the flickering of the MJC84 Control Panel
+ CFMSSystem: Changes to Heading to Altitude/Course to Altitude logic
+ CHGSSystem: Removed the rwy elevation from requirements of the TO mode
+ CScriptingSystem: When loading the situation scripts, scripting engine will attempt to look for a double point “..” file name if the initial script is not found
+ PFD, HUD graphics: Fixed the incorrect VOR APP and VOR armed indication
+ Optimization of the gauge dll size
+ P3D V3.1 connectivity: Adjusted for the P3D V3.1 update
+ P3D V3.1: Fixed the incorrect sound in the exterior views
+ P3D V3.1: updated panel.cfg to fix the P3D error message
+ P3D V3.1: Fixed the aircraft rolling problem on selection
+ P3D V3.1: Changes to the P3D connector to prevent the P3D window related error messages
+ Changes since version 1.018b2
+ CFMSSystem: ETP/PNR will accept any waypoint, not only the airports
+ CFMSSystem: VNAV PATH page behavior changes to be more in line with the real FMS
+ CFMSSystem: Added ground deicing option under SERVICES
+ CFMSSystem: Selecting DTO or manual leg change will result in XTK cancel
+ CFMSSystem: Fixed the problems with some approaches due to error in calculation of the point of tracks intersection
+ CAntiiceSystem: Added the estimation of the aircraft icing status upon loading the aircraft on the ground
+ Cold and Dark script is updated
+ ASN sync: GSX deicing will now deice the Q400 on the ground (FDE wise and visually)
+ Exterior MDLs: Fixed the bounding box for the correct zoom on exterior models
+ CScriptingSystem: Fixed max operand length for longer lines (now allowed up to 256 characters)
+ Scripts: Takeoff and ReadyToTaxi : added Gear Pins remove
+ Add-ons compatibility (virtual airlines): FSX/P3D engines will now be started and shut down in sync with Q400 engines to allow for the correct block time calculation
+ Prepar3D V3.2 compatibility (3.1 and 3.0 are no longer supported)

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