FSLabs –コンコルドX v 1.32 リリース


FSLabsが、コンコルドX v 1.32をリリースした。


– Support for P3D v3.2
– Fix for save/load flight functionality in P3D
– Improvements to MAX CRUISE (to prevent descending unnecessarily)
– Autothrottle improvements
– Autopilot VOR mode improved
– Autopilot VERT SPEED mode improved
– Autopilot GO AROUND disengagement with HDG HOLD
– ADI FD flag logic corrected
– Yellow Hydraulic LP warning on gear extension now random
– ICOVOL lower rudder indicator fixed
– VFE Aft Trim issue fixed
– Missing ‘Alert Height Cat 3’ call out fixed
– Glareshield spotlights in VC added
– Engine Idle Switches auto latch to High at 60kts

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