CaptainSim 777 サービスパック 1.7 リリース


CaptainSim 777のサービスパック 1.7がリリースされた。


      – FSX Steam Edition compatibility added (Base pack for FSX and Expansions)
      – Prepar3D v.3.x compatibility added (Base pack for Prepar3D and Expansions)
      – Installator issues fixed
      – Simconnect issues fixed
      – AIRAC cycle included into the package updated (1506)
      – Autopilot following VNAV path improved
      – Autopilot following VNAV speed improved
      – Autopilot FLCH mode improved
      – Autopilot flare mode improved
      – ILS approach improved
      – Manually tuned VOR/ILS fixed
      – ILS frequency autosetting after the first flight fixed
      – Right FD switch issue fixed
      – Deviation from centerline during autoland fixed
      – Feet/meter conversion on the PFD fixed
      – EFIS STEP mode on LEGS page fixed
      – Left EFIS range control fixed
      – Pitch mode indication on the FMA fixed
      – FMA speed mode indication improved
      – CDU selection corrected
      – MCP knobs “runaway” problem fixed
      – Bank angle limitation on the MCP influence on turns in LNAV mode removed
      – Speed and altitude limits setting in the FMC on HOLD points fixed
      – PFD localizer diamond and scale drawing fixed
      – PFD thrust mode indication fixed
      – FMC SID/STAR/IAP waypoints calculation and drawing improved
      – FMC progress page distance indication fixed
      – FMC route fuel calculation improved
      – FMC Legs Page numbers fixed
      – FMC VNAV DES Page page fixed
      – FMC VNAV path calculation fixed
      – FMC VOR tuning fixed
      – ND Plan Mode aircraft symbol drawing fixed
      – ND STA, MAP and ARPT points drawing fixed
      – ND FIX points circle indication on the ND corrected
      – ND Vertical track indicator wrong way fixed
      – ND Altitude Range Arc drawing fixed
      – Hydraulic system bugs fixed
      – Hydraulic valves on the upper overhead fixed
      – Flaps indication on EICAS fixed
      – Intermediate waypoint SPEED calculation improved
      – Beacon light position fixed
      – Rudder animation fixed
      – Wipers animation fixed
      – FSX-SE: flight deck sounds fixed
       Engine out autothrottle behavior fixed
      – 777 Connect: Help menu added
      – Code optimized


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