Dovetail Gamesがフライトシミュレーション2つを2016にリリース?


FSX Steam版を販売しているDovetail Gamesのニュース。

1つ目は2016年4月リリース予定の“Dovetail Games Flight School”だ。
そして”Dovetail Games Flight Simulator”もしくは”Flightsim 2016″と呼ばれる製品が年内リリースとなるようだ。


“Flight School is a carefully crafted and rewarding experience designed to teach would-be pilots the basics of flying a light aircraft as well as the essential premises of flight simulation. It will offer newcomers to flight simming an engaging and accessible introduction to aviation, whilst also being highly realistic and authentic. Players will learn to fly in iconic training aircraft, undertaking a series of tutorials and training missions, which will provide the perfect introduction to the genre. There will also be a Free Flight mode, for those players who want to head off and explore the entire world. “

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