SDG – カイロ国際空港 V2リリース


SDGのカイロ国際空港 V2がリリースされた


  • Airport AFCAD updated to meet the latest and realistic charts along with the required AFCAD updates for HEAZ and HECW
  • Custom ILS for the new runways
  • Fully compatible with GSX
  • Animated and custom modeled jetways
  • Numerous modeled and textured airport surroundings and buildings
  • Realistic vehicle traffic for the busy Cairo streets
  • Custom ground map texture
  • Low impact on FPS for this size of airports
  • Custom textures and lighting
  • Animated inter-terminal train

156808_hecav2sp2_05 156809_hecav2sp2_06 156814_hecav2sp2_19 156816_hecav2sp2_27

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