BlackBoxSimulation – エアバス関連ニュース


BlackBoxSimulationがクリスマスのメッセージと共に エアバス製品のニュースを投稿した。

BlackBox PreFlight Managerと呼ばれるツールが現在開発されているとのこと。
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  • Payload Manager
    * Allows you to choose cabin layout, set the passenger & cargo load, set the number of flight and cabin crew onboard and even the level of catering.
    * Uses 100% real world accurate weight and balance data including realtime predictive COG% and warnings if you set payload outside of certified limits.
    * Send the payload data to any running sim with auto detection for FSX, FSX:Se and all versions of Prepar 3D.
    * Automatic Fuel loading with specific tank filling sequence per aircraft as Airbus real world.
  • Fleet Manager
    * View and manage installed Liveries including hiding or uninstalling them from your sim to save disk space.
    * Download new Liveries and automatically update existing ones from our new central livery Server. ( Allows us to drastically reduce the size of the main Product installers as we will only ship with BBS liveries for all future versions, users can then choose which liveries to install at a mere 2Mb download each )
    * Package and deploy custom liveries for distribution to other users via a single file or regular painters can apply for an API key and automatically upload there paints to our central livery server all from within the PreFlight Manager.
    * One Click check-up for rebuilding and repairing Aircraft config files ( will auto fix issues with missing textures or badly numbered Aircraft.x entries )
  • Fuel Planner
    * Choose your Departure & Arrival airports, fuel planner will automatically calculate the required fuel loading, reserves etc for your trip.
    * Automatically integrates with the Payload manager for Max Landing Weight predictions.
  • Configure
    * Check & set user options for the Airbus A320 Family & Airbus Widebody Family from within PreFlightManager.
    * Check all prerequisites are met for successful flying of BBS Airbus Products.
    * Assists in trouble shooting and logging issues users may have with the BBS Airbus products.


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