Aerosoft – F-14X V1.2リリース予定

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AerosoftのF-14X V1.2がリリース予定だ。


General Code/System Improvements
+ Fixed E-Gen Switch logic
+ Crew Visibility
+ Ground Power (Selectable)
+ “Speedbrake” no longer displayed with Flaps Down in 2D Mini-HUD
+ Removed Contrails
+ Fix Lua items in Manuals
– If AI Traffic is above 50.000ft, then remove
+ Added Key Events for PITOT heat and Panel Lights

Features (John)
– Trimmed AoA display?
+ Added 3D landing light, ground illuminates (Thank you Anthony Lynch!!)
+ Many xml systems converted to C++ for more robust function
+ Auto Throttle logic improved and more robust
* A model now exhibits more realistic cyclic type control system
+ All control surfaces now exhibit more authentic hydraulic response
*Includes Rate limitations and Time constant Behavior
* Strongly recommended that users push the controls around from an external view to see input-output delays and responses.
+ ARI/SAS System improved
+ Built from scratch airspeed system that starts with Ambient Air properties and ends with Indicated Airspeed using NATOPS data
+ Steam gauges now exhibit errors in transonic flight and with the refuelling probe extended

– Instant Replay
+ DLC and Maneuver Flap Logic reworked
+ DLC ON/OFF Toggle (Implemented through EXT/RET Floats)
* Only one button needed, both serve as a “toggle” function
+ DLC and Maneuver Flap Thumbwheel [Incr/Decr] (Implemented through INCR/DECR COWL FLAPS)
* Thumbwheel is spring loaded to return to center, so control input MUST be set to “repeat while held”

+ Radar returns to previous setting after breaking lock rather than resetting
+ Radar can now be steered with the RIO fligth stick
* Key Event [Flight Director Toggle]witch control stick input between Pilot and RIO seat.
+ Change Kitty Hawk TACAN channel changed to 112.5 – 72X for better multiplayer compatibility
+ TACAN/GPS data on BDHI should be removed in A2A or A2G modes
+ Added ability to change course setting
– Add SBD Enterprise

USS Kitty Hawk
– Baked Exterior Texutres
– FLOLFS Lights should not Float away
– Improved and P3D compatible wake effect (Thank you Vince McCoy!!)

+ Late model F-14’s have A model AIM-54’s
+ TCS now implemented with two (correct) zoom levels, rather than continuous zoom.
+ Added TARPS Digital Integration (DI)
– Selecting “A/G” mode with a Tarps pod installed will link video feed to VDI and TID
+ Manual Chaff/flare dispense (uses DLC Toggle when GEAR UP)

F-14 driver feedback
+ Wingsweep Indicator now contains Auto Mode Carrot and bracket for Selected Sweep Angle
+ Emergency Fuel Shut-off handles no longer rotate
+ Turn Needle animation fixed and re-colored to match historical progression
+ Gear Indicators fixed
+ Speed Brake indicators fixed
+ Slat indicators fixed
+ Horizontal Stab deflections fixed
+ ACM JETT converted to button
+ Canopy OPEN/CLOSE is now FORE/AFT sliding level
+ UHF Channel rotate “around the horn”
+ Master Test Switch rotates “around the horn”
+ Engine gauges on the F–14A (RPM, TIT, and FF) are white tape gauges, like the AOA and wing sweep indicators. in the
F–14B, the gauges are small white segments and EGT replaces TIT as the temperature instrument. (F–14X shows
them as small orange segments, which are appropriately shaped for an F–14B).
+ The engine nozzle position indicators are 1–5 in the F–14A and 0–100% in F–14B. (F–14X shows the F–14A version for
both models)
Caution and Warning Light Logic Rework
+ Master Caution Light does not reset
+ Add Engine Stall Tone
+ BRAKES light is on when Parking Brake is ON
+ Light colors
– colors of the CAW lights should be as follows:
– Warning lights: black letters on red background (properly implemented)
– Caution lights: yellow letters on black background (reverse is implemented)
– Advisory lights: green letters on black background (reverse is implemented)
– Blanks: Should have a XXX horizontal line through
+ All lights illuminated during Master Test should revert to off once Master Test switch is pulled up
+ During Master Test SW – Inst Test:
– The R Fuel Low Caution light should illuminate (F–14X does not illuminate this light during test)
– There should be engine stall tones to accompany L and R ENG STALL lights (F–14X does not implement engine stall tones)
Liveries (Thank you Tom Stovall!!)
– VF-31
– VF-124

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