ORBX FTX Vector Ver 1.35リリース


ORBXのFTX Vector Ver 1.35がリリースされた。


  • R00152: Added missing lakes (reservoirs) in Spain
  • R00153: Added missing road segment in Poland
  • R00154: Fixed river elevation issue in Switzerland
  • R00155: Fixed incomplete river Inn
  • R00156: Added missing reservoirs in south France
  • R00157: Added missing lake “Grand Lake Of The Cherokees” in the US
  • R00158: Fixed corrupt coastline near Old Saybrook in the US
  • R00159: Added missing island west of Scotland
  • R00160: Removed streams in rivers in Alaska
  • R00161: Added missing lake “Draycote Water” near EGBE
  • R00162: Fixed spuriours bridge near MMPR
  • R00163: Added missing roads, bridges and highways in Ottawa
  • R00164: Added missing harbour Büsum, Germany

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