ORBX FTX Global Vector 1.3リリース


ORBXのFTX Global Vector 1.3がリリースされた

恐らくは、他プロダクト同様にPrepar3D v3を検知できるようになるだろう。


– Updated coastline, lakes, and rivers for Papua New Guinea
– Fixed ocean beaches for North America
– Many new beaches for North America
– Added watermass just south of SLTJ airport
– Added / corrected Harbour Cherbourgh
– Added “Mosserboden” and “Wasserfallboden” in Austria
– Fixed corrupt watermass in Poland (N52.5 E21.1)
– Added reservoir Polyfytos in Greece
– Added island Mainau of Bodensee
– Fixed corrupt watermass at N35.9 W83.9
– Removed trees on runway at S0.2 W78.5
– Added missing lake at N40.5 W83.8
– Added Lake Cascade
– Added missing port at N28.5 W80.5
– Fixed / added watermass at N32.8 W98.0
– Removed trees from airport at N35.7 W98.4
– Removed trees from airport at N1.1 E104
– Added water reservoir at N44.3 W115.7
– Removed spikes from N54.1 E8.9
– Added Lake Sakakawea
– Removed powerline towers from runway at LSAZ
– Fixed corrupt river near N41.7 E44.9
– Fixed corrupt coastline in Canada (near N43.8 W66.1)
– Connected rivers to lake / ocean (N56.3 W62.1)
– Corrected sunken river at N48.49 W71.0
– Connected rivers to lake / ocean (N53.6 W78.9)
– Added lake Klammsee

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