BlackBoxSimulations A320 Xtreme v0.85 リリース


BlackBoxSimulationsがA320 Xtreme v0.85をリリースした。


10/6に0.85.2がリリースされたが、Prepar3D v3にインストーラが対応している。

05/10/2015 – BlackBox Airbus Xtreme Prologue v0.85.2

* Added P3dv3 support to installer
* Now includes FSUIPC 4.946 to resolve door and control axis issues under v3
02/10/2015 – BlackBox Airbus Xtreme Prologue v0.85.1
* Fixed problems with aircraft lights Nav, Strobe etc displaying incorrectly
[Note due to a limitation in FSX we recommend turning off all lights with key L before changing aircraft in spot view]
* Fixed problem with vc window transparency on ati radeon cards
* Fixed an issue with CFM virtual cockpits showing Epr-N1 mode switches
* DLL Added P3D v3 recognition ( aircraft will remain unflyable until FSUIPC is fixed, this is out of our control )
* Unable to disable Approach mode from FCU after landing – Fixed
* Fixed an issue where popup windows would not render if opening them when the sim is paused
* Navdata updated to Navigraph Cycle 1506

29/09/2015 – BlackBox Airbus Xtreme Prologue v0.85.0

* Added FSX Steam edition support
* complete rework of user settings and registry handling
– now in line with microsoft standards for app data folders to avoid read/write issues
– seperate config file per installed sim fsx p3d p3dv2 etc

* full log file system added to aid tracing instalation / configuration problems
– Users having difficulties are requested to first check the file BBS_Debug.log located in the following folder :-
“C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\BlackBox Simulation\Airbus A320 Family\”
– We may request this logfile be sent to us in order to get support on technical issues such as no control inputs missing screens etc.

* first run wizard added / calibration reworked to aid user setup issues
* Remodelled and retextured VC
* VC Wing views added
* GSX and AES Profiles included
* Improved Ground handling
* Improved Flight Dynamics
* Improved Autopilot
* More Accurate Engine performance
* Custom Engine based EPR Calculations
* Cost Index and Flex Added
* Added 10 + new liveries 318-321
* Added New A320-100 Variant
* take off & Landing config checklists added to E/Wd
* srs guidance – improved
* Climb & Descent guidance – improved
* Fixed an issue with manual brake override not turning off autobrakes
* baro knob unit selection improved for both modes HPa & InHg
* Ewd fadec off amber lines and XX’s added
* reverse thrust Ewd Indication added
* implimented basic (NOT YET COMPLETE) cold and dark and engines off startup
– Users can add the following options to UserSettings.ini, UserSettings_FSXSE.ini or UserSetting_P3Dv2.ini file inside the path :-
“C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\BlackBox Simulation\Airbus A320 Family\”
please note: this will be an MCDU configurable option once fully implimented

* Fixed CTD when changing arrival runway or star during descent
* Improved FCU Knobs mouse handling … now all incremented in single units on left clicks and mousewheel
– Added Shift key + Click and Shift key + Wheel for 10x faster incriments
– Altitude Knob now increments at 100/1000 depending on switch selection

* Improved Fadec & Throttle lever inputs
– Users suffering from throttles jitter without user input can add the following to there UserSetting.ini as described above
Delta value can be from 32 -> 1024 , we recomment increasing it gradually in units of 64 unit satisfactory results are achieved

* Implimented Ground Speed Mini function to Vapp speed calcs
* added aoa smoothing to better handle severe WX conditions
* Adjusted Baro/STD pfd message logic , can now return to qnh mode early at atc request without STD flashing on PFD above transition alt
* Improved E/Wd messages and Memos logic to include the flight phase inhibition
* Added detailed Checklists (Extracted from real world Airbus procedures) to the FlightSim Kneeboard

Please note: This is not a complete list, other changes include the multitude of code improvements that went into Airbus Widebody Prologue v0.81

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