フォーラムによる情報は下記の通り。Prepar3D v2.5とそれ以降。(可能なら3.X)とのこと。

What versions are being developed?

  • Bombardier CRJ-700 & Bombardier CRJ-900 versions.
    (NO CRJ-100, CRJ-200 or CRJ-1000 are planned!) 

Who is developing?

  • Digital-Aviation (DA) and Aerosoft are developing this aircraft in cooperation.
    (Digital-Aviation is developing and Aerosoft is publishing)

What platforms is it being released on?

  • Flight Simulator X
  • Flight Simulator X Steam Edition
  • Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D 2.5 and forward (and quite possibly 3.x)

What system-depth are simulated?

  • Far more system depth than the Aerosoft Airbus.
  • Detailed-leveled ‘study-sim’ of the CRJ-700/CRJ-900 airplane.

Internal systems?

  • NO 2D-panels will be included! ONLY Virtual-Cockpit (VC) is available. 2D displays are available.
  • Fully functional FMC with SID/STAR capability and upgradable navigation-data. (NavDataPro & Navigraph supported)
  • Fixed lighting in VC. (Not level adjustable).
  • Connected Flight-Deck MIGHT be included. (IF so, not in initial release)
  • Weather-Radar included. Similar in functionality to the one in PMDG 737NGX & 777 version. Will require ActiveSky Next to function
  • Weights both in kilos (KG) and pounds (LBS).
  • Fully working wipers. (Fast, slow and interval).
  • Failures are not simulated.

External model?

  • Highly detailed external model of the Bombardier CRJ-700 & Bombardier CRJ-900.

External applications?

  • Livery Manager and Load-manager included. (Known from Airbus series).

Other interesting information

  • No! There will be NO wing-flex implemented!
  • Paint-kit available.
  • Extensive and detailed manuals.
  • Download-version released first – then Box-version a few weeks later.
  • Thanks to Mathijs: Shortcuts information here

Liveries on release:
Bombardier CRJ-700

  • Lufthansa Regional
  • American Eagle
  • Air France
  • Lufthansa Regional Star Alliance
  • United Express

Bombardier CRJ-900

  • Lufthansa Regional
  • US Airways Express
  • Air Nostrum
  • Delta Airways

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