Active Sky Next Service Pack 2Cリリース


Active Sky NextのSP2Cがリリースされた。


– Adjusted wx mode handling to prevent conflict in wx settings when using multiple wx add-ons.
– Added a setting “Common data export path” that will help users of BOTH ASN for FSX and ASN for P3D define a common folder where weather data is exported and can be used by 3rd-party apps such as flight planners
– Changed output format of exe.xml and dll.xml to Windows-1252 instead of UTF-8 to prevent reported compatibility/formatting/performance issues
– Corrected a problem preventing correct instrument time logging
– Corrected a potential problem that could prevent blocked ASConnect components (in Application Compatibility Layers) from being unblocked properly
– Added a new compulsory text message in sim when ASN reverts to manual mode, i.e. in case of network connectivity issues – This should help those flying full screen to identify the change in weather mode and avoid confusion
– Added new check to remove ASConnect components from being blocked in FSX.cfg (or FSX-se.cfg or Prepar3D.cfg) if the user accidentially choose “NO” when asked to run HiFi’s ASConnect modules (i.e. as_btstrp.cfg)
– Adjusted documentation for new option (Common export path)
– Fixed installer issue with ASConnect where root folder (if sim was installed there) could not properly be specified
– Added new handling to prevent a “loop” with initialization or ASConnect installation when the simulator install path was specific incorrectly – Now a separate browse window will allow the user to select the proper folder instead of ASN crashing, closing or staying “stuck on initialization”
– Added new warning text during target folder selection in ASConnect_FSX(or P3D)_Install.exe, suggesting to NOT just hit NEXT, but to first verify that the correct folder is chosen – This was done to reduce support instances where users have multiple sim installations, multiple computers, copied files, etc, and for some reason the ASConnect Sim Target Path differs from the ASN client Sim Target path, causing install loop issues and other initialization problems

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