Aerosoft Airbus SP3リリース


Aerosoft Airbus SP3リリースされた。




  • Magnetic Variation affecting radial fixed.
  • FIX INFO radius waypoint insertion fixed.
  • Some HOLD problems fixed.
  • INIT B/FUEL PRED TRIP/RSV/FINAL/EXTRA problems mostly fixed.
  • Basic HOLD functionalities added.
  • Radial In functionalities added.
  • Place/Distance Custom Waypoint ability added.
  • LOC APP problems fixed.
  • CD Leg misplacing fixed.
  • PROG CRZ Page wrong MACH value in SELECTED fixed.
  • CTD when using OFFSET and ABEAM fixed.
  • Pseudo Arrows suppressed when in GS Mode.
  • ATHR severe overshoot of target on level off fixed.
  • ATHR oscillation on ALT CRZ level off fixed.



  • CTD fixes when using TERR ON ND/WXR.
  • Performance improvements in all modes.
  • Errorlog enhanced: Filename was not passed correct to error log message if copying of „MCDUFPLData.txt“ to „MCDUFPLData.cpy“ should fail.
  • Ground clutter optics improved at all range settings
  • Detection of TURBULENCEs integrated:
  • “WX”   : normal precipitation detection
  • “WX+T” : normal precipitation detection + turbulence overlay
  • “TURB” : turbulence only
  • “MAP”  : optimized display of ground clutter, receiver sensitivity for precipitation is decreased, no turbulence info
  • Improvement of precipitation/turbulence prediction.
  • WX display cone gaps in case of heavy system load fixed.
  • Possible stuttering prevented fixed.
  • Some error logging suppressed for normal operation. Will now only be output to log file when WXBackgroundScanProto=1 is set in AB_ND_GDI.ini.



  • A321 Overhead FUEL Panel fixed.
  • Most Click spot direction solved.



  • “Experimental” ground FDE now default.
  • Updated ground friction model based on latest data/observations.
  • A319 IAE engine data modified with new data.
  • A319 and A320 IAE/CFM takeoff performance tweaked.
  • ENG AI IDLE N1 Modulation Added.
  • Approach Idle Modulation Added.



  • Lateral FD bar before NAV active fixed.
  • C Chord Master Warning silencer added.
  • Center Pump one sided feed leading to fuel imbalance.
  • APU fuel consumption of 130KG/H added.


Connected Flight Deck (CFD):

  • New feature, experimental. See Release Notes.
  • FO Tiller Disc/Table enabled.



  • Display mistakes corrected / design enhanced
  • Bitmaps replaced by Fonts (more clear picture)



  • Display mistakes corrected / design enhanced
  • Bitmaps replaced by Fonts (more clear picture)


Checklist / Copilot:

  • ECAM Instruction – BRAKE TOO HOT: Values changed to 150/100°
  • Before Takeoff CL accepts brake temperature of <150° – if brake fans are ON
  • Approach Speed Restrictions – FINAL CL – Landing Memo – <160 kts added as condition
  • AES/GSX und AFTER START CL: Timing aligned
  • High Altitude Airports: LS engaged at transition altitude



  • Increased the user input processing performance in cockpit MCDU and in webserver (AirbusXConnect)
  • Optimization (performance etc) on interprocess communication with webserver



  • Added Volume Control for Ground Crew
  • Fix Reset CG Value to 26 when closing LOAD/FUEL Page
  • Save / Load User States have been deleted because of new complete Save/Load function
  • FS used has to be defined for display of Infobar in P3D
  • Renamed Menu AES Push to AES/GSX Push
  • Infobar text changed to  “Follow AES/GSX  Instructions”
  • Pushback: Distance set to minimum value = 9m



  • New Nose Wheel Sound


Save and Load Flight Function:

  • It is now possible to save a complete flight (situation and aircraft state – including both MCDU settings) just with one click. Just use the FS-menu function to save as well as load the complete flight.
  • All missing data is now being loaded: CRZALT, flight phase, THS, THR RED/ACC , LDGCONF, flaps, ZFW, BlockFuel, V1, Vr, V2, TransAlt, DepTransAlt, FlxTemp, VAPP, MDA, MDH, QNH; RWYALT, RWYHDG, RWYGSANGLE; ADF1/ADF2, VOR1/VOR2/ILS1, RadialIn parameters.




  • Vol6 StepbyStep Guide:
  • WXR – Turbulences added (2.1.3)
  • Save and Load a flight (3.5)
  • MCDU – AIRCRAFT USER STATES: Deleted from MCDU2 menu  (4.3)
  • Ground Crew Sound/Calls: Volume  to menu added (4.6.1)
  • MCDU Menu – define FS  – P3D Infobar set lower (4.6.2)
  • CL Config Menü AES Pusback ON/OFF and Infobar: GSX added (4.6.3)
  • AES/GSX und AFTER START CL: Timing aligned (4.6.3)
  • Connected Flight Deck (4.9)
  • Pushback: Distance set to minimum value = 9m (5.7.1 #89)
  • ECAM Instruction – BRAKE TOO HOT: Values changed to 150/100° (5.10 #149)
  • Explanations for the use of speedbrakes (5.21 #253)
  • Use of 2nd Autopilot (5.21 – #256)
  • Appr. Speed Restr. FINAL CL – Landing Memo – <160 kts added as condition 5.21 #259a)
  • VECTOR APPROACH and use of DIR TO / RADIAL IN for tutorial flight (6.)
  • Vol1 In FSX:
  • Added chapter on Connected Flight Deck
  • Several small changes

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