Dino Cattaneo F14 v2.40リリース


Dino CattaneoのF14 v2.40がリリースされた。

なんと今回のバージョンではPrepar3D v2を最初のターゲットとして開発されているとのことだ。


– Added animated compressor to external model
– Pilot and RIO figures disappear from visual model if their weight is set to zero in the load manager
– Crew helmet visors are down by default (animated with the main canopy)
– New ASI/Machmeter model
– New Altimeter model
– New RMI indicator
– Improved gauges background graphics
– Improved gauges digits display
– Improved accuracy of some gauges
– Improved minor details in the cockpit
– Redone backlighting in the VC
– Fixed ADF frequency display
– Fixed clock animation
– Improved throttle lever animation (now with notches for A/B and STOP postion…Control+Shift+F1 to move to STOP)
– Added canopy glass scrathes (may be a little overdone in FSX… see below if you wish to remove them)
– OPTIONAL FEATURE: Possibility to add working mirrors in P3Dv2
– OPTIONAL FEATURE: Possibility to remove glass scratches
– OPTIONAL FEATURE: Possibility to remove ALL the reflections in the cockpit

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