FSX Steam Edition 次のアップデート予定


FSX Steam Editionの次のアップデート予告が発表された。



FSX: Steam Edition can now be used in Steam’s offline mode.

  • Steam Dumps are now created following crashes to help with diagnoses of reported issues.
  • Fixed issues reported with g3D.dll affecting some add-ons
  • Number of fixes for the terrain.dll crashes experienced by some users have been made.
  • Multiplayer:
    VoIP communication is now using the correct device as identified in ‘Settings’.
    During mission-based Multiplayer flights, if the host has activated the ‘Anti-Cheat’ flag, users who have modified their aircraft are immediately disconnected without affecting the host or other users.
    The Steam ‘Invite to Game’ feature will now work by buffering the request until the user enters the Multiplayer menu.
    Users are prompted to use the Steam Client to invite someone from the Multiplayer menu to become a friend on Steam.
    On the Multiplayer Session and lobby screens, the text in the “Weather” section is now aligned correctly.
  • User Interface:
    If ‘Show Saved Flights’ is enabled, the time stamps on the saved flight data will now show the correct time the flight was saved.
    The HTML content displayed in some windows, eg. tutorials, mission help, etc., now runs in IE9 compatibility mode, rather than IE8, providing better presentation.
    On the Multiplayer Session screen, the user name of the host is now shown.
    On the Multiplayer Session screen, before a session is started, ‘In Briefing Room’ is now shown.

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