Active Sky Next SP2Beta B5540


Active Sky Next SP2 Betaの最新ビルドが公開された。

今回のビルドは数日前にリリースされたPrepar3D v2.5のhotfix 12944に対応しているのがポイントだ。


– Attempted fix to eliminate “dual install” warning when using only Steam FSX version
– For P3D: Added compatibility with p3d 12944 hot fix (now compatible from 12942-12944)
– Attempted fix to prevent crashing/blocking of asconnect
– Adjusted edit station database screen to not permit adding less than 4 character station IDs
– Increased default surface visibility calculation when visibility is specified as maximum (i.e. 10sm, 9999 meters) by about 15%
– Fixed problem with as_btstrp_config_manager where a sim restart message might not be shown when it was needed
– Adjusted as_btstrp_config_manager to not show “adjusting” message, or anything, unless a change was made and a sim restart is required

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