Active Sky Next SP2Beta B5532C


Active Sky Next SP2 Betaの最新ビルドが公開された。

今回のビルドはPrepar3D v2.5の12943.0に対応しているのがポイントだ。


– Adjusted initialization process in ASConnect to avoid potential issues
– Made P3D version compatible with 19243 hotfix of P3D as well as original 2.5 version
– as_btstrp_config_manager fix to properly handle as_btstrp.dll configuration/compatibility layers for both FSX and P3D versions in all cases (fixes problem with as_btstrp.dll being blocked)
– Adjusted ASConnect init delay for improved stability
– Adjusted SimConnect load process – FSX SP2/Acceleration simconnect version is now priority and chosen first for FSX, FSX:SE or P3D (For FSX:SE, 62608 is used in 61259 is not installed) – If the valid version(s) are not found, user is now given error message using new server message log broadcasting (Installing 61259/FSX SP2/ACCELERATION simconnect client is easy via the simconnect.msi provided in each sim’s install folder)
– Adjusted logging processes for btstrp.txt to avoid file sharing/locking violations
– Added new server message log broadcasting within ASN so important server error messages are seen by user
– Adjusted log export process to include latest 2 asn logs instead of just the latest one (if 2 exist)
– Fixed documentation error regarding Warnings Options and Visual Fixes
– Adjusted in-cloud visibility reduction for better reduction in most cases
– Added new as_btstrp_config_manager utility application that loads within exe.xml to verify that as_btstrp.dll is properly configured and not blocked by compatibility layers settings (if it is blocked, it is automatically fixed and the user is asked to restart the simulator to load as_btstrp properly)

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