ProSimUtils Version 1.4.2リリース

ProSim737がProSimUtils Version 1.4.2をリリースした



Major changes on how the FPL is handled. The AOC->PREFLIGHT->INITIALIZE->AUTO doesn’t load the FPL anymore. It will load the initialization ACARS data for the flight, like flight number, origin and destination(more data will be loaded in the future).
Loading the FPL into the FMS is now done via REQUESTS->FPL.
If INIT data is entered manually, when loading the FPL, it will search ALL flights in the PFPX schedules for a flight that match the data inserted in the INIT page.
If you want to load any flight from PFPX, just manually fill the FlightNumber, Origin and destination in PREFLIGHT->INIT page and go to the REQUESTS->FPL to load the flight.
If you want to get the most suitable flight automatically, use the INIT->AUTO and then the FPL.
This is also valid for the VA service. The AUTO INIT will get the current service allocated to the pilot. The manually entered INIT data will allow to get ANY flight from the VA database.

ProSimUtils 1.4.2 Beta (13/JAN/2015)
– Calculations now correct in LB

– Config not assuming VA enabled when saving the config

– Sources available only if respective module is active
– Added new http commands to handle the load of the INIT/FPL

– Some released flights not available as suitable flights
– AUTO INIT now uses UTC time instead of local time.
– Invalid or bad formatted variables in PFPX caused the Schedules file to not load. OFP data is discarded as ProSimUtils don’t use it.
– Schedules file now loading only if a change is detected.
– Added further code to prevent exceptions if a PFPX flight doesn’t have Airline or FlightNumber. Registration is assumed as FlightNumber in these cases.

– code improvements
– Single ProSim and FS error log entries
– Some messages are now sent to ProSim only if connected to avoid unnecessary error log entries
– Added a new menu option to view the documentation in the default web browser
– Help menu added that contains the Support and Documentation options

– Added new http commands to handle the load of the INIT/FPL

– EOBT calculated as the time the FP is saved + 15 min
– MTL now added as option in config. It will be used when saving the flight plan
– IVAP HTTP processor reworked

– Routine to load the PFPX schedule file redone.
– Possibility to get any flight from the PFPX schedule

– New option to load any flight from the VA using the Flight Number, Origin and Destination
– Variables to handle the loading of the flight added.
– Added comments to the VA config tab explaining what variables are available

– Conditional errors now displayed on the SCRATCHPAD*
– TOPCAT and PFPX related XML split in two files (topcat.xml and pfpx.xml)
– DLNK MENU added to LSK6L to allow exiting from the generic uplink page

– PREFLIGHT/INFLIGHT/POSTFLIGHT menu pages now depends on the flight status
– REQUESTS page added.
– OFP functional in REQUESTS page
– FPL functional in REQUESTS page
– LOADSHEET functional in REQUESTS page
– page now accepts data as input
– AUTO only load flight data, not the route.
– Runway shortenings now being validated to allow only numerical input.
– Fixed an issue allowing the REQUEST LSK to be active only when the weight is entered.
– TOW now limited to a numerical range and entered as thousands
– LW now limited to a numerical range and entered as thousands


– Fixed an issue allowing the REQUEST LSK to be active only when the weight is entered in TODC/LDC pages.

– TOPCAT page definitely withdrawn

– HOPPIE application menu page only visible if enabled via config (current requests implemented into the REQUESTS page)

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