AEROSOFT F-14 X v1.1リリース


AEROSOFT F-14 Xのv1.1 (Service Pack 1)がリリースされた。




+ Fixed minor errors on six liveries
+ IIAF Livery Added
+ IRIAF Livery Added
+ HUD, VDI, and DDD Material improved
+ Rework F-14 Effects for P3D
+ Reworked Canopy Material for P3D
+ Reworked External Light Logic
+ Added A2A 3D Taxi/Landing Light
+ Gun sound issue fixed in B model
+ Fixed issue where RWR was not working in B model
+ Fixed issue with Speed Brake Set from Hardware Lever
+ Fixed issue with Aileron input through FSUIPC
+ Fixed issue where PITOT Heat was not being activated in VC Switch
+ Fixed “10 Seconds” Light no turning on
+ In-flight power out logic improved
+ Improved Inlet Ramp Logic
+ TACAN knob logic refined
+ Smoke will now turn OFF is previously selected to ON
+ Mixture Lever is now controlled through SimConnect
+ Added Many functions to LUA Script
+ Added AP Switches to Lua
+ Added Refuel Probe and Fuel Dump Switches to Lua
+ Added HUD Cage/uncage to Lua
+ Added Master external light switch (LUA Only)
+ Added user control over pilot visor(LUA Only)

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