ORBX FTX Global Vector 1.2リリース


ORBXのFTX Global Vector 1.2がリリースされた


  • This is an incremental patch, therefore FTX Vector 1.15 needs to be installed.
  • Complete new coastline, lakes, rivers, roads, railways, and power lines for Canada
  • Complete new coastline, lakes, and rivers for the US (incl. Puerto Rico)
  • A few fixes from OSM data contributors were included
  • Fixed a global issue with frozen waters which could cause performance problems
  • R00071 – Added missing docks around EGLC
  • R00076 – Laguna entry in Venice was closed by coastline; this is now fixed
  • R00078 – A corrupt watermass was fixed near EHAM
  • R00079 – A corrupt watermass was fixed near SPAP
  • R00081 – A corrupt watermass was fixed near N47.266 E5.629
  • R00083 – A green texture patch was fixed near N36.3 W114.4
  • R00085 – A corrupt watermass was fixed near N37.60 W5.65
  • R00086 – Lots of sunken rivers were fixed near Torino (LIMF)
  • R00087 – Lake Lucerne was updated to a more detailed version
  • R00088 – Fixed a coastline issue in Portugal near N39.5 W9°
  • R00090 – Added missing island at Gdansk (N54.3° E18.6°)
  • R00091 – Fixed missing parts of Loire and Rhone
  • R00092 – A corrupt watermass was fixed near N47.7 E3.7
  • R00093 – Fixed a road crossing Zagreb airport apron
  • R00096 – Lake “Durlassboden” (Austria) was added
  • R00099 – Wrong coastline and missing river near Lignagno (Italy) was fixed / added
  • R00100 – Fixed wrong beaches in Southern California
  • R00102 – Removed double bridges near KORF
  • R00103 – A corrupt watermass near Arkhangelsk was fixed
  • R00104 – A corrupt watermass near Bayonne was fixed
  • R00105 – A corrupt watermass at lake Siljan (Sweden) was fixed
  • R00106 – Added missing “Maschsee” in Hannover
  • R00110 – Added several river segments and islands near Bayonne
  • R00111 – Added missing parts of Salzach
  • R00113 – Missing island at lake Siljan (Sweden) was added
  • R00116 – A corrupt watermass was fixed at N42.291 E42.151
  • R00117 – A corrupt watermass was fixed at N42.178 E42.055
  • R00118 – Added missing reservoir “Ratscher”
  • R00119 – Added missing reservoir “Gepatsch”
  • R00120 – Added missing reservoir “Schlegels”
  • R00121 – Fixed corrupt watermass near N38.74 W9.09
  • R00122 – Added missing reservoir “Lago di Livigne”
  • R00123 – Added missing lake near EYKA
  • R00124 – Added missing island on which ESNN is located


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