Active Sky Next SP1Beta3 B5360リリース


HiFi Technologiesより、Active Sky Next SP1のBeta2(Build 5354)がリリースされた
今回のリリースでは、Beta1-2同様にPrepar3D v2.3で起動できなかった問題が改善されている。


Beta 2-> Beta 3 changelog:

– Fixed issue in P3D version where EMT compatibility may not work in legacy mode
– Fixed issue in P3D version where detection of incompatible P3D version may not work, and incompatible installations may result in P3D crash on startup
– Added OTHH to server wx station database (you must reset your weather/data stations with Tools/Edit Station Database to see this change)
– Fixed missing “Enhanced haze simulation” option in settings
– Fixed an issue where wind shear objects might be created for forecast weather (e.g. weather at ETA at destination)
– Fixed an issue where parsing of TAF string might lead to extreme temperatures – Now, temps are also validated to not exceed 60 in any case
– Removed the chance of wind speed induced turbulence above 14000 feet (and gradually decrease from 0–>14000 feet)
– Altered CAT to reduce a bit if above water
– Moved cirrus clouds to 38000+ when cu/cbs exist in the same cell (reduces change of cirrus intersecting with other cloud layers)
– Fixed potential ASN crash during theme build
– Adjusted wind speed influenced CAT only give light turbulence
– Attempted to fix potential “Wx theme could not be loaded” simulator error
– Fixed issue related to ASN/CumulusX interaction where FSX could crash on exit
– Fixed an issue that could result in “Cannot load weather theme” errors in FSX
– Adjusted uninstall process: removal of ASN Path/License related registry keys now done during uninstall if user checks “Delete saved data”
– Fixed issue where manual wx configuration aloft winds adjustments may not properly effect interpolated winds experienced
– Attempted fix to solve potential non-responsive ASN client application during manual wx saves

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