PMDG 777 SP1bリリース





[FMS – Setup/Options Pages] 300ER door 5L/R doesn’t have a key command entry- resolved.
[External Model – Geometry] 777-200LR tail strike sensor – resolved.
[General – SDK] SDK user claims variables aren’t transmitted – resolved.
[FMS – Setup/Options Pages] Airplane doesn’t return to 1x when in 8x or 16x – resolved.
[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Supernumerary oxygen switch missing in 777F VC – resolved.
[AFDS – Pitch Modes] Pitch Oscillations in FLCH descend at low speeds while engines are idling – resolved.
[FREEZES – All Types] CTD when accepting PERF INIT data, or requesting WINDS, DES FORECAST – resolved.
[FMS – Route/Legs Pages] ALTN WXR request causes CTD – resolved.
[Systems – Fuel] Fuel Synoptic display when dumping fuel and balancing- resolved.
[General – Unsure] Running the aeroplane out of fuel – resolved.
[FMS – Performance Pages] Flaps based thrust reduction height entry not working in TAKE OFF REF 2/2 page – resolved.
[Systems – Fuel] Fuel remaining with MANUAL fuel entry with both engines off or ground ops displays properly- resolved.
[External Model – Geometry] We always knew Vin’s head wasn’t screwed on right – resolved.
[FREEZES – All Types] Control and Display Freezes being reported to Support – resolved.
[FMS – Route/Legs Pages] ROUTE REQUEST not filtering correctly flight plan names if any characters are placed between origin and destination ICAOs – resolved.
[General – Documentation] Aircraft.cfg identifies 300ER as B773 – resolved.

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